Job Description for Youth Pastor
Position: The Youth Pastor will be a member of the pastoral staff. He will be organizing and coordinating the ministries of the junior high and senior high youth. He will assist the pastor in coordinating the praise and worship ministry and will be available to help the Senior Pastor in other areas of church life. He will work with the Children’s Ministry Director in forming the direction of the core of the Christian Education Team.
Goal: To win, build, and equip youth to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to train them to be effective witnesses for Christ.
1. To be a born-again believer walking in fellowship with the Lord.
2. To be growing in the character traits as spelled out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
3. To be open to the Holy Spirit’s direction in his life and to sense God’s call to ministry.
4. To be willing to grow in ministerial responsibilities.
5. To have the ability to relate to the needs of young people, to teach and motivate the youth towards a closer
relationship with Jesus Christ.
6. To be in sympathy with the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith.
The Youth Pastor Shall:
1. Organize and coordinate ministry to junior high and senior high youth.
2. Teach the Word.
3. Develop mentoring relationships by spending time with individual young people in purposeful discipleship relationships.
4. Support and interact with young people in their social, intellectual, and spiritual activities.
5. Encourage and organize involvement of our young people in camps, conferences, service projects, and missions.
6. Work with parents and young people in communication and relationships.
7. Provide a Christian model in speech, lifestyle, and attitude.
8. Participate in planning and leading in worship services with the youth according to his gifts.
9. Facilitate the training of youth sponsors.
10. Provide updates of student ministries and activities to the church and church leadership.
11. Be involved in reaching the unsaved and unchurched youth in our community.
12. Avail himself of opportunities for professional and spiritual growth by reading, personal study, and attending conferences, seminars and workshops.
13. Work together with and be accountable to the Senior Pastor and ultimately to the Board of Elders.
The weekly schedule will include day time, some evenings, and regular weekend involvement. One designated weekday off with openness to adjustments and flexibility by arrangement. A regular staff meeting will be held weekly.
Financial Remuneration: Salary and benefits will be negotiated on offer of the position. There is an annual review of
ministry, and financial compensation. An annual two-week vacation is arranged and approved in advance with the Senior Pastor.
Expectations of Spouse:
The Youth Pastor’s spouse (if married) is expected to support his ministry