Our Vision

Our Investment To You

Here at Zoar MB Church, we desire to invest our time, efforts, and resources in a sincere effort to produce powerful, equipped and trained followers of Jesus.  

It is our prayer that as we invest in the lives of fellow believers, they will, in turn, become neighborhood evangelists, godly parents, faithful students, honest coworkers, and more. We seek to see the evidence of our faith in all the spheres of daily life.

What We Hope To Be As A Body

A community church defined by a united desire for discipleship. A place where people discover connection as they worship God together. A safe place for children, a warm place for teens, an encouraging place for young adults, an equipping place for parents and families, a restful place for the elderly, and a worshipful place for all.

A place where music is sung, not listened to, a place where the Bible is studied and loved and acted out, A place where God’s people along with every bench and table and hymnal strains to worship God.