Trustee’s Hard At Work

Having a church facility is a blessing!  Want to have Bible study…the church is available.  Need a place for our youth group to gather…the church is available.  Weddings, funerals, mid-week services…the church is available.  But sometimes, our facilities need repair or upgraded.
That is where the trustee’s come in.  These men enter the church a little differently than most of us do.  They notice what we don’t notice, see what we don’t see, and they are responsible for the immediate emergency repairs as well as the long term care of our facility.
Our trustee’s are currently working on managing the water drainage system around the church.  if you have been here after a heavy rain you know that the parking lot becomes the in town lake Inman and we have had water in the basement on many occasions..  By installing a new system to move the drainage away from the church we should see improvement in both of these areas.  The new system required digging a grid of trenches and installation of new drainage pipe that will carry the water to the south end of our parking lot.
Next time that you see one of our trustee’s, be sure and thank them for all of their hard work that they put into taking care of our church facilities.  Our current trustee’s are Chairman Dennis Smith, Charles Prieb, Brad Franz, Ramon Klassen, Randy Friesen, Brian Wedel, and Gail Wiens.
Thanks gentlemen for all that you do!