Andrew Wuerffel
Lead Pastor

Hey there! I am glad to be serving as the Lead Pastor of Zoar MB Church. I was born into a large family on the Island of Papua New Guinea. My parents were missionaries and infused the value of God’s word into my existence from a young age through daily Bible reading. I am currently attending Calvary Bible College in pursuit of a degree in ministry.

I am thankful for my precious wife Hope. Together we have…a dog named Bob and a fish named Larry. When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me walking around a field somewhere looking for a pheasant. Bob is better than Larry at helping me with this.

My passion for Zoar Church is that we fall deeply in love with the Savior. I hope to see us become radically loving and uncompromisingly faithful to God’s word. My prayer for our church is that we become dangerous to Satan and invaluable to Christ as He builds His church one soul at a time.

Julie Bengston
Children’s Ministry Director
8Melissa Funk
Church Secretary