Al Magnuson
Interim Pastor


I am the oldest of four sons born to Neil and Bernice Magnuson. At the time they owned and operated a 5,000-acre ranch in northeastern

Colorado. The family attended an Evangelical Free Church until I was in fifth grade, when they moved and began to attend a Baptist church in the new community. I was spiritually sensitive, but strong-willed resulting in a lengthy struggle with God’s Spirit and open rebellion before coming to assurance of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at camp during my high school years.

God very specifically pointed me toward “professional ministry” at camp the summer before my senior year of high school. I attended Grace Bible Institute (closing in June 2018) in Omaha, Nebraska, desiring the Lord to shape my character and help me to develop ministry skills. As a student at Grace Bible Institute, I became involved in Christian service at Center Baptist Church where I came into contact with God’s Invasion Army, a team of single college age individuals who volunteered one year to do door-to-door evangelism and children’s meetings in Baptist General  Conference churches throughout the United States and Canada. I left college during my junior year to serve with this team for three years. It was during this time that my call from the Lord became more clearly defined toward pastoral ministry within the United States.

Cheryl and I were married on August 7, 1965, and we lived in Omaha while I finished my degree at Grace Bible Institute and served as youth director and custodian at Center Baptist Church. In January 1967, we moved to Dallas, Texas, so I could continue preparation for pastoral ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary.

The Baptist General Conference Board of Home Missions called me to direct God’s Invasion (1969-1971). During these years God gave me a vision for strong rural churches developing disciple-making ministries in surrounding communities.

Beginning on March 1, 1991, following a series of pastorates, I was called to be Executive Minister of the Great Plains Baptist Conference which I led through a merger with Dakota Baptist Conference to become Heartland Baptist District. I served this regional judicatory of Baptist General Conference until March 2004. God has since blessed me with intentional interim pastoral ministry with Interim Pastor Ministries.

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Associate Pastor
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Children’s Ministry Director
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