Notes from Stewardship Council

May 11,2023

  • Would love to see Zoar connect with the unchurched in our community.
  • There is definite need for volunteers in church
      • Children’s Church (2 adults strongly suggested)
      • Nursery
      • Sunday School
      • Wednesday Nights
      • VBS
  • Discussed the budget and everything looks good.
  • Elders are doing some deep study of what it means to be an Elder and what some of their duties look like
  • Pictorial directory close to being finished 
  • Job description for Associate/Youth Pastor has been posted
  • It was suggested to have a movie night (“Jesus Revolution”) – working on possible time for this
  • Continuing to work on sound system to improve the quality and plan to add some new equipment
  • New warming oven in the kitchen was used for the potluck and worked great
  • 42 Awards were given to campers to attend Ponca, Southern District and 2 other camps totaling $6,283
  • Food Bank is in need of personal hygiene items, laundry soap and canned fruit
  • Pray for VBS – needing leaders and volunteers!
  • Pastor Andrew is on vacation June 19-24