Notes from Stewardship Council

August 10, 2023

Pastor Andrew

  • Attended the Southern District Conference and a pastor’s conference in Hillsboro. Blessed by both of these events.
  • Our church needs the resources that the larger MB community has to offer and they need us.
  • The last two weeks of church prayer, we have had five or less people here.
  • Corporate prayer is probably the most important thing we do.



  • Visitation mission, under Rick Tuxhorn’s leadership; he has turned Gloria and Jim Thiessen loose with a plan they have worked up.  We have about 6 people doing visitations to our church members at PVH and trying to expand it to church members not at PVH that need some TLC.  Seems to be going very well and we are very excited to see the growth.
  • Wrapped up Summer Time Bring a Friend to Wednesday Night Pop in Supper.  It was a success and was able to reach out to people who are searching.  Encouragement was made to the church to continue to build the relationships started.
  • There has been some opportunity to help a few people through our benevolent fund this past month.  It is important for Elders to be informed by church members when there is a need.
  • Looking to have a drive-in movie in September – “Jesus Revolution”
  • Elders are working on an updated vision statement for the church. 
  • Continue to pray for Pastor Andrew and Elder’s leadership. 



  • Trustees developing the job description for those working with the audio/visual
  • Jared Enns is working on the new projector for the front.
  • Working with ACs and figuring out the best and most efficient way to operate them and have the church cool on Sunday mornings.



  • Discussed the budget and everything is looking good
July 6, 2023
  • Pastor Andrew
    • I heard a report from one of our missionary families that Zoar church does missions better than they have ever seen before. None of the other churches that they work with are as interactive and supportive as our church has been.
    • I look forward to seeing the continued work of the Wednesday night meals. I was very encouraged to see new faces. The Wednesday night meals are accomplishing exactly what I hoped they would. Big thanks to Eric and his volunteers for that.
  • Elders
    • There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes with Pastor Search. Thank you Mark and Jason for your work and leadership on the committee. Just to let you know that there are several churches in the area doing a youth pastor search.  If anyone has contacts please reach out and ask them to put in a resume.
    • Wednesday Night Bring a friend to church has been successful; a week ago looking over the group of people there were about 50% non-church people and it is sustaining itself as well.  We did see a good turnout for the Movie Night where we showed “A Case for Christ”.  Our prayers are that we are able to keep building relationships with the people that are coming for the meals and bring them into our church family. 
    • We will be exploring a new program that the Elders will work with that will bring on a couple of paid nursery caregivers to oversee the young children in the church and will be available during designated church functions.  Still working on details, Rick Tuxhorn has worked with this type of program in other churches and has been very successful in helping build a family base.
    • It is great to see the church at work and programs coming together and people growing in the Lord.  Excited to see growth in the church.
  • Trustees
    • Continue to work with the technology and sound.
    • There was discussion on the technology and having someone in charge of all aspects of the sound/technology to have streamlined communication and policies for all to follow. Trustees will meet to appoint someone to lead this ministry.
    • New Projector for the front screen coming soon
  • Finance
    • Discussed the budget and everything looks good
    • Quarterly commitment has been given to Multiply and all other missions have received their quarterly money
    • Camp scholarship money was given to Ponca – a great outreach!
  • Garry Prieb to be here at Zoar October 22nd for Mission Impact Sunday.

May 11,2023

  • Would love to see Zoar connect with the unchurched in our community.
  • There is definite need for volunteers in church
      • Children’s Church (2 adults strongly suggested)
      • Nursery
      • Sunday School
      • Wednesday Nights
      • VBS
  • Discussed the budget and everything looks good.
  • Elders are doing some deep study of what it means to be an Elder and what some of their duties look like
  • Pictorial directory close to being finished 
  • Job description for Associate/Youth Pastor has been posted
  • It was suggested to have a movie night (“Jesus Revolution”) – working on possible time for this
  • Continuing to work on sound system to improve the quality and plan to add some new equipment
  • New warming oven in the kitchen was used for the potluck and worked great
  • 42 Awards were given to campers to attend Ponca, Southern District and 2 other camps totaling $6,283
  • Food Bank is in need of personal hygiene items, laundry soap and canned fruit
  • Pray for VBS – needing leaders and volunteers!
  • Pastor Andrew is on vacation June 19-24