New Visitor 
Thank you for taking the time to consider visiting Zoar Church! We would love the opportunity to get to know you and journey together in our growth in knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and in our relationship with Jesus Christ.
Visiting a church for the first time can be a very overwhelming experience! We want to help you feel a little more at ease by letting you know what you can expect when you visit Zoar. We have tried to answer many popular questions that people have about us or our service.
What time does your service start?
Our worship service starts at 10:30 on Sunday morning. If you are looking for a good time to arrive so that you can slip in comfortably, 10:20-10:25 would be a great time. Of course, you are always welcome to arrive earlier and attend one of our Sunday school classes!
What door do we come in?
We have three entrances to our building and they are all used on Sunday morning. If you come in through the south doors on the east side of the building under the carport then you will come into our main foyer. There you will find our Information Center that has information about many of our ministries for all ages. Also, please feel free to stop by our Coffee Bar and pick up a cup of coffee, cappuccino, or hot chocolate before the service. One of our friendly greeters will give you a bulletin with the information for the service and church activities for the week as you come in the door. Let them know that you are a visitor and they can give you a visitor’s bag that has current information about our church activities.
What should I wear to church?
We want you to be comfortable! At Zoar, you will find a little bit of everything. We have people who wear jeans and casual shirts to people who are wearing suits and ties. We feel that as long as you are modest in your selection, you will fit right in! We invite you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in!
What should I expect at your church service?
You can expect to be greeted by a warm group of people who will be glad that you are there. You can expect to see people just like you…people who are seeking a deeper relationship with God and with one another. We sing worship songs that are a combination of traditional church hymns and contemporary worship music. Our people work hard to provide a worshipful experience for everyone who comes through the door. We spend time learning the Scriptures from our pastor who usually spends about 30-35 minutes sharing a relevant teaching from the Bible. We also participate in a time of gathering our financial offerings for the Lord. As the offering is taken we invite you to just drop in your Connection Card that you can fill out that morning instead of feeling pressured to give money. If you would like to give a financial offering to the Lord, then we invite you to join us in that time of worship as well.
Do you have anything for my kids during church?
Absolutely! We offer a nursery for children under the age of three. The children age three through 3rd grade are invited to join together downstairs for Children’s Church during the time that our pastor delivers his message upstairs in the worship. We understand how hard it is to engage in the worship when you are worried about or trying to corral your children. We also feel that Children’s Church gives us an opportunity to teach them the principles of the Bible in a way that is more relevant and life changing for them than having to sit through a long sermon. However, if you would like for your children to stay with you during the service, we think that is pretty wonderful too and invite you to feel free to have them with you in the sanctuary!
What time is church over?
While we don’t have an official ending time, most of our services are over by 11:45 am. Only on rare occasions do we go past 11:45 am.