It’s Time to Pray

This week both the High School and Jr. High students are learning about prayer. Francis Chan reminded us last week that prayer is very much about connectedness. When I talk to God I grow closer to God it’s that simple. Some of the other areas that Francis touched on were that God is our Father. Our spiritual person longs for him as our Father. Francis also discussed God’s power and knowledge. Some might wonder why we should pray when God knows already what He’s going to do and what is going to happen. The answers are complicated but it is clear that prayer changes things and please God. Ephesians 2 says that God has prepared for us good works to do. Some of these good works most likely include prayer. We pray to an almighty God because He hears us and listens to our requests. Let’s look at this some more.

The Gospel (Week Three) and the Corona Virus

To borrow the words of the great philosophers of times long past…”Corona Virus stinketh and I like it not.” I’m fairly certain one of those Greek guys said that. Either way, these next few weeks will probably be a little frustrating. “Social distancing” is code for no fun happening. Fortunately for Christians, the gospel is just as meaningful if not more so during pandemics as it is when the sun is shining and there’s no fear of the dreaded bat disease.
Last week we talked about the parable of the prodigal son. We discovered what true repentance looks like. We also discovered what God’s response to our repentance is every single time we turn to him. Jesus paints this picture of God as a Father who looks longingly in our direction just waiting for us to head to Him. When we do head towards God, He gathers up his robes and goes running lickedy-sizle towards us. Cool beans! 

The Gospel (Week Two)

This week we are thinking about what the Gospel offers us through salvation. Saying the words “offers us,” makes it sound like I’m a salesman running around with a wheelbarrow full of items. Imagine if I had such a wheelbarrow and came up to any stranger on the street offering salvation for the cost of repentance and faith. “What does salvation do?” the stranger might ask, “Give me an eternity plus or minus a few days and you and I can discover that together,” I might respond. The gospel is like a well of refreshing water, it goes deeper and deeper yet the water scooped off the top is still able to refresh our souls. This is just a scoop from the top.